A marketer turned winemaker, my mission is to promote a stronger wine culture in Hong Kong and China, explaining wine in a no-nonsense way and inspiring the average consumer to appreciate and enjoy it.

I specialise in providing marketing services to wine producers and regional wine boards, helping them promote their wines in Greater China via workshops, tastings and other activities. With my good working relationship with members of the trade and media, plus my dedicated and professional approach, I can help you develop marketing strategies that best suit the needs of your business in the market.

There may be no real wine culture in Greater China yet, but the Chinese do love their food. They may have limited wine knowledge but they understand flavour pairings. More importantly, they are eager to learn. I therefore believe that local food and wine pairing is the key tool to unlock their interest in wine. So my activities, where appropriate, will involve food and wine pairing exercises.

I also provide English to Chinese translations of articles, tasting notes, websites, presentations, business names and slogans into both traditional and simplified Chinese. The translations are done by professional wine writers from Hong Kong and mainland China, and I place great emphasis on making sure they are done in an idiomatic manner, rather than being stilted word-for-word translations. Please visit ViniScript for more information.

謝德蘭 - 致力在大中華推動葡萄酒文化




我亦為葡萄酒業提供翻譯服務,無論是文件,品酒筆記,網站,公司或品牌名字及標語等,都是由專業葡萄酒寫作者以地道意思翻譯,詳情請瀏覽 ViniScript 網站。

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